Walking Werner

November 14, 2011

From a short interview with Werner Herzog  in Time magazine:

Q: In addition to being a feature-film director and documentarian, you seem to have become an amazing interviewer.

Herzog: I’m not an interviewer. I have conversations. And I know the heart of men. I know it because I have had fundamental experiences like traveling on foot. The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot. I’ve walked from Munich to Paris, but I’ve also done longer walks. You’re unprotected and have to talk to people to ask them to fill your canteen because there’s no creek for dozens of miles. You really learn what men are all about.


One Response to “Walking Werner”

  1. Smelly buddy said

    Yes, ‘the world reveals itself to those who travel on foot’. In line with this idea, Alberto Manguel tells us that Franz Biberkopf, the protagonist of Alfred Döblin’s famous novel, Berlin Alexanderplatz (1929), “has a casual encounter with an Eastern Jew who mysteriously seems to understand Biberkopf’s search for a deeper, more wholesome identity, and who suggests to him that a form of healing might be achieved, in part at least, through stories. ‘The most important thing for a man are his feet and his eyes,’ this wandering Jew explains. ‘You must be able to see the world and go to it.'”

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