Previously unreleased

November 5, 2011

Looking back through the photos from the Spain trip, I find a number that I like that I haven’t put up yet. My original intent in the posts was to keep family and friends updated on what we were doing over there, so most of the photos and commentary stuck to the star attractions — Sagrada Familia, Alhambra, Mezquita, Real Alcazar, and the like. But, of course, many, maybe more, of the most interesting moments and memories on a trip are found elsewhere in humbler halls and on streets with names you can’t recall. So it goes with travel photos. Culling through the 800-some shots I took (cursed free shutterlove of digital photography!) here are some I like.

These metal overhead doors protect most of the shops in Barcelona. Just as ubiquitous, the Cerrajeros stickers advertising where you can get a rolling metal overhead door of your very own.

Barcelona: Woman takes her duckling for a walk.

On the roof of Gaudi's "Pedrera" apartment building in Barcelona. I liked the way all the tourists looked among Gaudi's crazy smokestacks and whatnot.

In the Greek theater on Montjuic in Barcelona with Sheila and Tom H.

With the cheaper seats sold out, we shelled out for first class on the high-speed train from Barcelona to Madrid. Our view of how the other half lives was dominated in the foreground by the lowered head of this rich old guy, feeling very poorly, and being tended to rather kindly, I thought, by his trophy wife.

I always like the look of a statue silhouetted against the sky. This was in the middle of El Rastro, Madrid's legendary Sunday morning flea market.

Waiting for the train in Toledo.

Slow day selling hand fans in Sevilla.




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    Adios, amigos. Hasta la vista!

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