November 4, 2011

Borrowed this shot by Xavi Torrent of the Wilco Palau show off the web. Gracias, Xavi.

Catching up here on our eventful last couple of days in Spain. Wednesday morning seems like a very long time ago now. After one last breakfast at the Hotel Macia in Granada, and after recovering from witnessing one of our fellow guests attack the jamon serrano platter without mercy, we set out on a walk to the Mirador San Nicholas. Took in the view a final time, the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada especially clear on an overcast day, and we invested in a pair of “real” castanets from the abuela selling them in the square. Also found time for a couple of cafe con leches at the Quatro Gatos cafe recommended by our friend Jill.

Rode the bus out to the small airport in Granada, then the flight back on Vueling to Barcelona. All good.

It felt comfortable coming into Barcelona on the airport bus knowing where we were headed, and after a stint in smaller cities, it was exciting to be back in the bustle of Barcelona. After bumping into Francesca on the street, we found Tom and Dylan waiting for us at their apartment. It felt like a homecoming of sorts as we had tapas and drinks with Tom and Francesca before heading over to the Palau de la Musica for the Wilco show.

Concert was artful and, you know, ass-kicking. The venue was sublime and I don’t throw a word like sublime around without good reason. I feel the need to write more about the show and plan to do so as I nurture the memory of this trip with some subsequent posts to wrap things up. Our ears still ringing from a wonderful encore, we walked back through the quiet sidestreets to Tom and Francesca’s place.

Up early the next morning, walked with Mr. Henry up La Ramblas before parting ways at Placa Catalunya, where Tom got the metro to go teach his class and we got our Aeropuerto Bus to catch our plane. Barcelona-Paris-Detroit-Burlington, touching down at BTV by midnight.

Shayla couldn't get la vieja to come down on the price of the castanets, but she was happy for a photo op.

Albayzin, Quatro Gatos, Alhambra view, cafe con leche. Todos bueno.

T. Henry walks us over to the Palau and takes his recycling for some air.

Seems like most modern airports strive to create a sense of lightness and flight. Barcelona accomplishes it like no other I've seen. Boarding for the trip to Paris, first leg home.

Nice work by Sheila spotting Greenland out the window. Way better than watching "Planet of the Apes," though we did that, too.

A familiar napkin from most of the places we dined. (You can tell we go four-star or we don't go at all.) De nada, we say, and gracias to you, Espana.


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