Albayzin and up

October 31, 2011

We spent most of the morning on a long walk up through the Albayzin neighborhood and then up onto trails that led past caves in the side of the foothills where people have carved out homes. Down in the Sacromonte neighborhood these cave homes, once the homes of gypsies,  are now white-washed and established. These farther up the hills are sort of the next cave home “suburb” out, though they have much more to do with scrappy homeless camps than leafy suburbs. Beyond the short stretch of caves we came to dusty, rocky, piney trails that seem to be much-loved, with good reason, by the mountain bike dudes that you’ll see down in Plaza Nueva gathering with their buds for a ride. Then back down through Albayzin, enjoying seeing life on some of the streets that are a little less travelled by the tourists who come up that way.

Shayla Waver's got nothin' for this earnest cantador.

Curb appeal is rough, but offers city and mountain views.

S-Works pines for her S-Works. (Note: S-Works refers to both Sheila and her mountain bike. This caption was written solely for the amusement of our friend Scott.)

The cap is from a popular regional brew. The fortress itself is in the background. This, my friends, is the very definition of a street souvenir.

Back to civilization in the Albayzin.



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